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Welcome to the Careers Hub

Thank you for getting involved in our really valuable project, as an Enterprise Adviser!  Your strategic mind, commitment and mentoring will help young people understand the many opportunities they have here in Cornwall and beyond.

Important Information

Please read and sign the below documents.  Once you have done so, please email your Enterprise Coordinator with a selection of dates and times of when you are next available to meet.  Your EC will  check through your completed paper work, check your DBS ID and discuss your upcoming school / college meeting.


Being an Enterprise Adviser

To help reflect on your initial meeting with your Enterprise Coordinator we have produced some documents to clarify any burning questions or give a bit more context around being an EA.

Thank you once again on volunteering to be an Enterprise Adviser and we can’t wait to work with you to help young people gain a better insight into the world of work.

Careers Hub Team