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The Art of Brilliance Careers Leader Away Day

Date: 24 Feb

This February we took a day out of the office and joined friends and colleagues for a day of networking and connecting post-pandemic. A much needed day for us all!

JP (Jonathan Peach) delivered a fascinating talk on the Art of Being Brilliant. To access the session slides and videos included in the presentation use the links below.

During the day we asked questions such as, which day is the best day? Monday or Friday? Why not have your say on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages: @Careershubcios


Dancing Intro –

Flees in a jar –

Positivity Monday –

George –

Final Video –


Sarah Hathaway presented a follow up session regarding influencing:


Careers Leaders workshop on Influence


Objective: Understand what influence is and to feel more confident influencing different stakeholders.

Key words: Asserting, convincing, negotiating, connecting, inspiring.


“I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful,  and way too determined to be defeated.”


Use the following to consider when you are aiming to influence a specific stakeholder.

  • What they need and what you need (direction)
  • Where the common ground is and the measure of success
  • Why this is important (motivation)
  • How the outcome might be achieved – where, when and with whom (including what is non-negotiable). What options are available, beyond the obvious
  • What barriers they might put up
  • Who are your allies?
  • What words/phrases might have the most impact