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What is a Meaningful Encounter?

Date: 30 Sep

It is now widely accepted that encounters with the world of work are vitally important for all young people. Recent research has highlighted the positive outcomes when students interact with business. For example employer engagement is now at the heart of the UK’s Department for Education’s careers strategy and international bodies like the OECD argue that it is essential that young people engage with workplaces as part of their education.

This is because encounters with the work of work help to broaden young people’s horizons, raises their aspirations, challenge stereotyping, increase their motivation to learn, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge they need and are well informed about the full range of modern jobs and career routes into them. In doing so it also helps reduce the mismatch between young people’s career aspirations and the reality of the labour market.

This article captures what is meant by “meaningful encounters” and describes a toolkit that has been developed specifically to help state schools plan their career provision and identify and help young people who need more support: those who are disengaged from learning or have misaligned aspirations and / or are uncertain about their future.

You can download the full article below.