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Evaluation toolkit and Surveys

This page is dedicated to supporting schools and colleges with their impact evaluation including the newly developed Futures Skills Questionnaire. Contact us to gain access to Google surveys that you can use with all of your Stakeholders.

Future Skills Questionnaire

The Future Skills Questionnaire (FSQ) gives students the opportunity to reflect on their career-related knowledge and skills. There are five versions of the questionnaire, allowing schools to assess the skills and knowledge of their students at specific points of transition. The added bonus of the FSQ is that results of the survey goes into the individual pupil record on Compass+. Watch the video to find out more and use the link below that gives a step by step guide to implementing it in your school or college.


Example surveys

There are three links at the bottom of this page. The first provides a guidance document and a range of example survey templates that Careers Leaders can use when collecting feedback and programme evaluation insight from a range of stakeholders. Included are:

  • How to write your own survey questions guidance document
  • Programme Evaluation: Students
  • Programme Evaluation: Parents/Carers
  • Programme Evaluation: Staff
  • Student Feedback: Key Encounter
  • Employer Feedback: Key Encounter
  • Personal Guidance Feedback Form

The second link below is from the Talking Futures campaign that supports schools to engage parents in careers education more broadly and strategically. The third link is a recorded webinar discussing the evaluation toolkit. It is only 30 minutes and it will guaranteed save you time in the long run and provide you with valuable insights.