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Work Experience in KS5

Since 2012 when the statutory duty for schools to provide work related learning was lifted, Government policy focused on encouraging the take-up of work experience placements post-16.  This has been most evident in the creation of 16-19 study programmes where students are expected to undertake work experience or some form of work-related training. Students studying for apprenticeships will have a dedicated employer working with them to deliver the practical element of the course.

Making it work
  • The Gatsby Benchmarks recommend that students should experience a work placement in KS5 as well as by the end of KS4.  6th Form and College students may have more flexibility with regard to their placements than a year 10 student and as a consequence placements can often be delivered over a period of time rather than in blocks.
  • Extended work placements should complement the area of study and go towards building knowledge and employability skills for the workplace or to support a university application.
  • Maintaining a wide employer network is essential for you to help to support KS5 learners with a broad range of placements that reflect their interests and study options; Ofsted’s common inspection framework for FE, 6th Form and independent colleges now assesses against student participation in purposeful and challenging work experience placements where appropriate to their learning programmes of future career ambitions.
  • The Education Business Partnership (link to page) can still support your work experience programme in KS5 and the Cornwall Ambitions project will offer structured support and referrals to any students at risk of NEET.

The Cornwall Education Business Partnership (EBP) can support your work experience programme in KS5.