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Other workplace experience models

Workplace visits

A visit to a workplace can be for an individual or for a small group of young people and includes a structured tour, introduction to the organisation and ideally a demonstration or task based activity.  It can last for a couple of hours of for a full day and gives a good opportunity to network and ask questions.

The aim of this model is to provide a general overview of the organisation and industry and to give an insight into working practices, the environment and how to gain further information and experience in this area.

This model of encounter is often engaged by employers for undergraduates to help determine good quality candidates for internships as it gives a good opportunity to see students in action during workshops and activities.

Job shadowing

The aim of job shadowing is to give the student the opportunity to observe a competent employee at work for a short period of time.  This can often be the precursor for the work experience placement itself or as a stand-alone activity to reinforce the learning of the student about a particular job role.  This is a particularly useful activity for highly skilled or technical placements where it can be challenging to offer a ‘hands on’ placement.

If your student is struggling to get a work experience placement in a manufacturing or STEM related industry due to health and safety or quality control considerations a work shadowing opportunity can be a useful alternative.

Employer safaris

An employer safari is a structured series of visits to a range of employers on the same day for a group of students.  It gives the group the opportunity for a number of encounters with different workplaces and can either provide comparisons between workplaces/industries or reinforce knowledge through visits to a number of similar organisations.

The safari should include a number of interactive activities relevant to that workplace to engage the students and optimise this learning opportunity.