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Benchmark 6 – Experiences of Workplaces

Check out our guide and plan first class Work Experience for all your pupils!  


There are significant challenges in taking students out of school in term time to complete a work placement. How can I overcome this?

You might want to consider a flexible approach and include a mix of the following activities:

• internships and holiday placements
• job shadowing
• work experience in school
• volunteering
• work experience (less than 1 week)
• work experience (1-2 week block)
• work experience (regular/weekly commitment)
• virtual work experience

Schools should ensure that all activities are planned, have real purpose and are properly monitored and evaluated.

What are the Health & Safety requirements for work experience placements?

We know that Health & Safety is a key concern for staff when considering experiences of the workplace. The Health & Safety Executive have produced some guidance which you can also share with parents and employers. Different
sectors will also have different requirements depending on the nature of the role and it is important to engage with industry bodies and employers to fully understand these