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My Engineering My Future

My Environment My Future (MEMF) is a fully funded schools programme which embeds knowledge, resources and guidance on careers within the built environment directly into the delivery of the GCSE and A-level geography curriculum.

MEMF created in collaboration between teachers and industry professionals, meets the exam specifications for all major UK awarding bodies. The programme includes lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and industry curate resources to complement the delivery of the curriculum. Alongside the curriculum, the programme also supports site visits, career talks with industry professionals an after school club and a nationwide competition which challenges students to design and present practical actions to improve their local urban environments.

Created by the CSTT, the mission from the very beginning was to inspire young people about the exciting careers available in the built environment, whilst supporting teachers to deliver the best educational experience for all their students. By design, MEMF requires no additional training, time, money or resources. To access the full programme register on the MEMF website:

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