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SEND Career Case Study: Video Production

The pandemic brought disproportionate disruption to SEND settings and pupils (Quantifying learning loss for pupils in special schools and colleges | Nasen). In response to Career Leaders in SEND settings concerned about pupils and their families facing transition decisions without being fully aware of the options available in their areas, our Team decided to allocate some resources to explore the development of additional resources to raise awareness of the Local (SEND) Offer adopting an impartial and consistent format which would complement the information already made available via the LO website and shared by FE/training providers.

As part of an initial pilot coordinated by the Careers Hub CIoS team, a CIC called Access Cornwall was commissioned to produce three videos showcasing three FE provisions typically catering for pupils with SEND. Access Cornwall CIC works with young people with SEND to carry out accessibility assessments on venues, businesses, public facilities as well as supporting the work of our Careers Hub by giving their time to collaborating to Career Education projects in their local special school as well as supporting the work of our (Disability) Inclusion CoP within a volunteer capacity.

The aim of the pilot was tasting the viability of producing videos offering an introductory overview of post-16 training and education settings typically catering for young people with an EHCP.

We wanted to do this by showing the prospective of potential applicants and existing learners as much as possible and we wanted to do this by involving young people with SEND currently completing an internship with Access Cornwall.

With the support of Access Cornwall, a young person with SEND (currently completing an internship with the company) arranged visits to the settings selected to participate in the pilot where he met staff and pupils whilst a colleague recorded video footage (in accordance to the FE provider instruction and policies to guarantee H&S, Safeguarding and GDPR compliance).

The interviewer followed the same interview script at each setting visits.

The script was prepared by the Careers Hub Team and Access Cornwall CIC.

The footage recorded was then edited by an experienced video producer employed by Access Cornwall and short videos were produced.

Finally, those videos were shared with a special school and PCC (Parents Carers Cornwall) Forum with the ask of gather some feedback from teaching staff, pupils, parents and young people whom families are part of the PCC network. Two Surveys were also produced to capture the feedback and shared with stakeholders.