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Benchmark 3 – Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil

Schools and colleges should have a strategic overview of a student’s journey and should have in place a scheme of learning which is underpinned by inspirational encounters and activities which actively challenge stereotypes and raise aspirations.

Each student is an individual with a wide range of influences. Young people often have a world view that limits their career decision making capacity. Careers leaders should seek to delivering a programme of learning and encounters that cuts through all of this ‘noise’ and helps ALL students, regardless of their backgrounds or additional needs, make informed choices.

Gatsby recommends that Careers Leaders use systematic recording to monitor and ensure all students are actively included within the careers plan and ideally that students themselves are able to access these records to help them take responsibility for their own learning.

To address the needs of each pupils a school must provide:
  • A scheme of learning and experiences that meet students’ individual needs
  • Encounters with a range of employers to inspire students about different career pathways
  • Encounters with successful role models who can connect with students of similar backgrounds to help raise aspirations
  • Accessible information and activities delivered in such a way that it remains interesting and inspirational without being overwhelming to the individual and does not preclude any groups
  • An understanding of what their individual career journey will look like in terms of experiences, skill building and knowledge gathering