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The creative sector has been under considerable pressure in the last few years, with the pandemic requiring many arts and cultural venues to close either temporarily or permanently. However, there has been much innovation too, including in bringing artistic endeavours online allowing them to reach a greater proportion of the population.

The drive to Net Zero is bringing an increasing focus on sustainability. Designers of physical and virtual products are continually searching for technologies to lower the carbon footprint of everything from fashion to furniture to advertising. This will bring opportunities for new roles and approaches that do not exist yet and relies on creative approaches in many existing roles too.

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Did you know that Cornwall’s creative industries are thriving? Along with our booming arts & cultural scene, there is a rapidly growing screen & digital sector, Cornwall offers young people a wealth of entry-level creative jobs in sectors like heritage, fashion, marketing, music, games, software and more. In a series of videos produced by Screen Cornwall, Cornish presenter Perrin Hooper explores the opportunities available for young people to start a career here by speaking to a range of new creatives who have found their dream jobs through a variety of pathways. Check out the ‘New Creatives’ webpage hosting a series of short films showcasing the talent throughout Cornwall.