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Your Future In Chemistry

Date of Event: 24 Jun
Location: Liskeard Schools and Community College
Suggested Age Range: 14 - 16
Aims: This RSC Outreach programme will show the value of STEM/chemistry knowledge in a range of jobs; and to raise awareness of the wide range of career pathways it opens up by showcasing local industry and labour market, apprenticeship opportunities, and Further and Higher Education providers
Number of Students: 200

Cornwall EBP is inviting representatives from the world of work and further/higher education (FE/HE) to take part in careers-related schools outreach events for the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to show the  relevance of chemistry/STEM in a broad range of jobs.

Building on the successful ‘Chemistry at Work’ programme run in previous years, these events aim to:

  • Engage young people of all levels of ability in informal and enjoyable short-sessions.
  • Highlight the breadth of workplaces and sectors that value knowledge, skills and qualifications in Chemistry and broader STEM subjects.
  • Demonstrate real-world applications of STEM/Chemistry and how it relates to various jobs and career pathways right on their doorstep, in Cornwall.
  • Inspire young people of the relevance of studying STEM-Chemistry.

For business representatives, FE/HE, RSC or STEM ambassadors it will be an opportunity to: engage with the next generation and inspire young people with the opportunities Chemistry/STEM studies can bring; give young people an insight into the world of work and the skills and knowledge businesses value; forge links with local schools to make pupils and teachers aware of your business and sector; as professional development for employees or skill development for apprentices.


For pupils, it will be an opportunity to: participate in fun hands-on activities to learn how chemistry relates to different workplaces; see the direct relevance chemistry/STEM has in all sorts of jobs and careers; and engage with different people from the world of work and further/higher education.


For teachers, it will help to: motivate your pupils to learn Chemistry and STEM subjects, and understand its currency in the labour market; cement sustainable links between the school and industry partners; get up to date knowledge of the local labour market; provide information and opportunities to support teachers work in the classroom with support from the local RSC Education Co-ordinator.