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Work Preparation Day

Date of Event: 2 May
Location: Mounts Bay Academy
Aims: To support a group of students with interview skills and mock interviews. 
Number of Students: 8 to 10
9.00 - 15.00

Mounts Bay Academy are looking for employer volunteers to support a Work Preparation Day which is being supported by Jobcentre Plus with a STEM focus although employers are welcome from any industry.

Each employer will be briefed at the start of the day and be given resources to support the activities they will be doing.  They will be supporting a group of 8-10 students, volunteers will be sharing their own careers journey and then helping students complete a self-evaluation of their own employment skills.    They will be looking at job adverts and the skills needed for different jobs and empowering students to talk about themselves. They will also be supporting students with interview skills and mock interviews.  Each session will be introduced by the project co-ordinator and employers will be supported at all times throughout the day.