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Torpoint Community School Mock Interview

Date of Event: 6 Dec
Location: Torpoint Community School
Suggested Age Range: Year 11
Number of Students: 90
9:30 - 12:30

The aims of the event are to:
o give students an experience of a job interview by person working in their selected sector or a related sector
o give students feedback on their CV and their interview techniques and skills
o give students advice on how to improve their CV and how to develop their interview techniques and skills

• Students choose from a wide range of occupational sectors and whether they are applying for an apprenticeship or a post-university job. Students complete a CV and are prepared for their interview in tutor time. Students will be asked to dress in their own smart clothes suitable for work.

• Timings: we would like volunteers to arrive at 9.30am for a short briefing and refreshments. Interviews will last fifteen minutes and will run during period 2 (10.10-11.10am) and period 3 (11.30 – 12.30pm). There will be a refreshments break from 11.10-11.30am.