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St Ives School – Mock Interview Morning – Y11

Date of Event: 15 Oct
Location: St Ives School
Suggested Age Range: Y11 (15-16)
Aims: 8:50 - 11:00am
8:50 - 11

St Ives School Mock Interview Morning

    St Ives School are planning to run a mock interview morning with their Y11 (15 – 16yo) students on October 15th from 8.50am-10.55 am.

    This offers a fantastic opportunity for students to have a realistic job interview with business people and help prepare them for their next steps.

    The school are using the format of pretending that students are applying to be accepted to a the new Careers Agency in the local town; Swallow and Mugford Employment Agency (Swallow is the name of the Enterprise Adviser linked to the school and Mugford is the careers lead)

    Swallow and Mugford are a new employment agency currently recruiting in the St Ives area.

    The plan for the afternoon will be:

    8.50am Interview 1
    9.05am Interview 2
    9.20am Interview 3
    9.35am Interview 4
    9.50am Interview 5
    10.05am Interview 6
    10.20am Interview 7
    10.35am Interview 8
    10.50am- Refreshments and Feedback from interviewers and compile group feedback for the next lesson. Description of the best candidate. Best features from whole group.

The Format

Mock interviews will be 10 minute interviews plus 5 minute feedback. (Feedback forms will be supplied).

Students will be completing an application form, that you will have on the day.

The Brief

As well as creating their application form, students will receive the following:

We are looking for enthusiastic young people to add to our database of potential employees who we can use to fill a variety of job vacancies locally.
Are you:
A quick learner
Honest and reliable
Able to follow instructions
Good at working independently and as part of a team
Resilient and able to use your initiative

Example Interview questions that students may be asked:

Tell me about yourself
What skills do you have to offer?
What are your strengths/ weaknesses?
What would you find most challenging about starting a new job?
What is your greatest achievement?
How would a friend describe you?
Who do you most admire?
Where do you see yourself at 30?
Where did you do your work experience? What did you learn/gain from the week?
Do you prefer working on your own or as part of a team? Why?

Other notes

Students will be preparing with the above questions, however employers will be able to add questions using their own discretion of what questions to ask, when.

If interested in attending please email Melanie Mugford, Careers Lead at St Ives School, Note, there may be limited communication during the summer holidays.