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St Ives School ‘I Love My Job’

Date of Event: 23 Oct
Location: St Ives School
Suggested Age Range: Yr8 (12-13)
Aims: Raise awareness about a range of sectors and jobs
Number of Students: 30-40 per speaker
8:30 - 9:15

St Ives School are running ‘I Love My Job’ talks on the 16th and 30th of October. They are looking for 5 speakers on each day from a range of sectors. The ‘I Love My Job ‘ talk will see someone talk to a group of approx. 40 students about your job, your personal journey, the challenges that you have overcome, why you like and the direction that you are hoping to go in and information about the sector in which you work. The talk will last approx 15 minutes, allowing approx. 15 minutes for questions. Please let me know if you or someone from your organisation could support this.