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PwC Virtual Insight Week July 2022

Date of Event: 25 Jul
Suggested Age Range: Year 12 (Year 13 in NI and S5 in Scotland)

If you are interesting in a career in accounting, business or technology then read on to find out more

If you’re interested in a career in the world of accounting, business or technology, PwC’s Virtual Insight Week programme gives you the opportunity to learn more about these areas and develop your employability skills so you feel confident when you start exploring your career. 


During this action packed week, you’ll be able to attend a blend of live and pre-recorded sessions, which can be tailored to your interests, and hear from PwC’s people who’ll share their stories and be happy to answer any questions you have. 


In 2021, PwC welcomed around 2,000 students to their Virtual Insight Week, and this year you could be a part of that too. To find out more and apply, click here.