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National Careers Week 10th Anniversary #NCW2021

Date of Event: 1 Mar
Location: Online
Suggested Age Range: All
Aims: Empowering positive change through careers education
All - week

Maybe the biggest Careers events of the Year? Scroll down for our top suggestions.

NCW2021 Supporting
The NCW TV Channel and the WoW Show

National Careers Week has a virtual careers fair taking place all week. They even have their own TV Channel! Listen to the opportunities these students have taken.

The WOW Show produced last year is still excellent and worthy of a watch today. There are many videos to see.

Discover Creative Careers

During National Careers Week, teachers and career leaders are provided with a suite of videos and lesson plans through which you can introduce students (key stages 3, 4 and 5) to careers in the creative industries. use the link below for the full teacher pack. The programme consists of:

Screen – film & television
Performing arts – literature & publishing
Museums – galleries & heritage
Crafts – fashion & textiles
Gaming – XR & animation
Pick & mix
Nikki Welch Creative
Virtual Careers Fair

The Virtual Careers Fair will go live on day 1 of Careers Week. There is no registration required, and no data is collected from students. All you need to do is share the website address with your students from the ink below.

Other items on this page are:

Links to the classic resources (of which there are many!)
Short videos
Posters and downloadables
Much much more.


iCould Ten Quick Ideas

Below are a couple of local talent giving their own story or insights.

You Tube

Please follow the Careers Hub You Tube Channel and the Digital Skills Partnership’s. There’s been some amazing films recorded.


Stories and insights from the world’s most inspiring and iconic people
BecomingX was set up with one purpose. To create a world where everyone can realise their potential.

Despite being eternal optimists, they are worried. They are worried that many people believe that ‘success’ is about how much money you make, the car you drive or how many likes you get on social media. They are worried that ‘talent’ is seen as some mythical genetic force possessed by the few, rather than the product of determination, hard work and experience. They are worried that our education systems are not adequately preparing young people for the future. Most of all, they are worried that most people do not realise what they are really capable of achieving.

So they’ve set out to change that. By combining their deep understanding of high performance with the stories and insights from the world’s most inspiring and iconic people, they aim to help people understand what it takes to succeed, to raise their aspirations and to build the skills and confidence to realise their potential.

Barclays life Skills – Some excellent content
Monday – 20-30 minutes
Start with the Wheel of strengths to help students discover job roles that might be a match for their skills and interests.
Tuesday – 30-60 minutes
Explore diversity, why it’s important in the workplace and how to become an inclusivity champion with our case studies and Online lesson film.
Wednesday – 5-90 minutes
Develop students’ CV skills by getting them to write a CV, perhaps for a role from their Wheel of strengths results.
Thursday – 15-90 minutes
Now they’ve discovered how to apply for a job, give students the skills to succeed in interviews with our Virtual interview practice tool.
Friday – 60-90 minutes
Finish by preparing students for different roles with an activity utilising case study films, featuring young people in a range of industries.