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Liskeard Community School and College ‘Opportunities Cornwall’ event

Date of Event: 13 Nov
Location: Liskeard Community School
Suggested Age Range: Year 10
8:30 - 14:00

• The purpose of this event is to make Year 10 students aware of the fantastic range of career opportunities on their doorstep in Cornwall. These young people are our future engineers, digital experts, graphic designers and energy specialists, to name but a few. There is no longer a need for them to leave Cornwall to pursue these goals. This event is designed to open their eyes to the main up and coming employment sectors in Cornwall and the huge range of careers within each one.

• The brief is really simple – you have half an hour to really sell your sector! Students need to leave the room not only knowing more about the careers within your industry but also really enthused and keen to find out more. There needs to be an interactive element to your presentation (it’s hard for 15 year olds to sit and listen for long!) so please can bring a piece of equipment or set them a task related to your everyday work to really engage them. A good way to divide up the session would be for students to spend 10 minutes listening, 10 minutes ‘doing’, with 10 minutes for questions.