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Employability Masterclasses

Date of Event: 15 Jul
Location: St Ives School
Number of Students: 8 - 10
8.30 - 15.30

Employability Masterclass Delivery Days: 4th,5th June at Richard Lander School; 15th July at St Ives

By supporting this Employability Masterclass you will be helping to prepare young people for the world of work. It helps students consider the skills and personal qualities employers value and how to evidence these skills. You will have the opportunity to mentor the students during the Masterclass and share your own experiences as a recruiter and job hunter. Through practical hands on activities the Masterclass explores themes such as personal profiling, employability skills, evidencing skills using life experiences, CVs, covering letters, preparing for an interview and action plans.

Main objectives for the day: students will better understand how to:
• Create a personal profile and why it is important
• Recognise what skills and qualities will help get a job
• Know how to tell their story in a better way that will impress employers
• Start looking at the main elements of their CV; or (if they already have one) how to improve it
• Understand the basics of what makes a good covering letter
• Feel more confident in presenting themselves
• Recognise which jobs they may be suited to; the types of jobs that maybe available and where to look
• Create an action plan by identifying specific employability skills they already possess and those they need to acquire/improve.
Your Role as a Support Volunteer:
• Work with a class of young people
• Help facilitate the activities/challenges with the Class Leader
• Use the opportunity to weave in your own experience when exploring a topic and bring it to life with examples from your experience/organisation
• Help the young people to gain knowledge and understanding of the different job roles available to them in the world of work and the skills that are valued in the workplace
• Give constructive feedback and support as the young people work on their personal profile, CV, personal pitch and interview confidence
• Deliver a 15minute workshop (including Q&A) on a topic that has been discussed and share your current job, education and career path; it will help to raise the aspirations of young people
• Take an interest in their career plans
• Be a role model
• Have fun!

The day will be led by a Young Enterprise Area Manager. You will help encourage, motivate and inspire the students you are allocated to by sharing your experiences, career path and the skills valued in your organisation.

If you would to connect your company with potential employees, promoting your business and help support school students in the area with training in employability skills – please contact Stephanie Anderson, Young Enterprise.