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Employability Masterclasses

Date of Event: 7 Jun
Location: Hayle Academy
Number of Students: 8 - 10
8.30 - 3.30

For the Learn2Earn programme on June 7th Young Enterprise will provide students with information, advice and guidance on career planning. Volunteers will help support the students to identify their dream lifestyle and then help them work backwards to see the relevance of their education and extra-curricular activities. The programme is broken down into lots of practical activities, all designed to help the student explore themes such as career choices, cost of living and budgeting. Volunteers support the day by helping the students complete the set tasks. If you have colleagues that feel confident, there might also be an opportunity to give a short talk about their work journey at the front of the class or just informally convey this naturally, when they move around the classroom interacting with students when they’re on task, i.e. things like the following:

• Insight into your current job – what you do, what you enjoy (any downsides!)
• Career and education pathways – what part time jobs/extra-curricular activities you did, any insights into apprenticeship or HE pathways, any
future aspirations.
• Has your work journey gone as planned, did your dreams and priorities change from the students age to where they are now?
• What advice would they give to your younger self.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact YE Area Manager Stephanie Anderson on 07982241306 or