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Core Maths Summer Festival – Visualising Inequality (by hand)

Date of Event: 13 Jul
Location: Online
Aims: Join this event with well-known speakers and take away practical ways of linking the maths curriculum to careers.
16:00 - 18:00

Many teachers are now sharing highly interactive and creative data visualisations with their students and using them to help tell a story with numbers. However, students rarely get the opportunity to produce their own, as this can be quite a technical process. In this session, you will learn how to create simple hand drawn visualisations using some fascinating inequality data highlighted by Dr Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director of The Equality Trust. While there will be drawing involved, this session is designed to accommodate a range of abilities, including those who don’t identify as artistic or creative at all.

Passing these skills on to your students will give them the opportunity to explore data in a tangible and physical way. It will also help them to see that mathematics can be used as a tool to understand, communicate, and act on issues of injustice. This session will be accompanied by teaching resources and short video clips to use in your lessons and will link to our Visualising Inequality competition, which will be running in conjunction with The Equality Trust, in November, during Maths Week England 2021.

Dr Wanda Wyporska is Executive Director of The Equality Trust, the national charity that campaigns to reduce social and economic inequality and is a regular keynote speaker.

Explore The Equality Trust schools resources and follow them on Twitter @EqualityTrust

Catherine Madden is an information designer and visual story strategist based in San Francisco. She runs visual thinking and data storytelling workshops, which help people to communicate complex concepts simply and effectively.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @catmule

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