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Building your community of support using LinkedIn & Twitter

Date of Event: 24 Mar
Location: Online
12:30 - Setting up a LinkedIn and Twitter profile
12:45 - Where to start - an easy-to-build network
13:00 - How to target and find what you need

Building a network of supporters from the business community and beyond, is central to successfully achieving positive outcomes for our students and for our careers strategy as a whole.

But how do we do it?


Social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be the key to unlocking these really important relationships.

We will cover

  • Setting up a LinkedIn and Twitter profile
  • Where to start, we all have a starting place and an easy-to-build network
  • How to target and find the people you need on social media, and what to say when we find them

If you’d like to come along but can’t make the date/time, let us know and we can arrange alternatives.