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My Skills My Future 2023!

Date of Event: 3 May
Location: Royal Cornwall Showground, Event Centre Whitecross PL27 7JE
Suggested Age Range: 11 - 16, or 11 - 25 depending on group

Young People attending will have the chance to take part in a range of short and fun activities learning skills they’ll need to be successful in the future. They will also have the chance to meet employers and Education or training providers giving advice to help them take their best next steps. We anticipate a greater number of Students attending our event this year so we have doubled the dates and the venue!. We hope it will be an enjoyable learning experience for all!

May the 3rd is exclusively reserved for Y7+ students who have huge potential but are not fully engaged in the education system.

May the 4th! is exclusively reserved for Y7+ students with additional support needs. Please Book separately to bring students to our Vocational Pathways Event on the 3rd May.