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Data Science Short Course for Core Maths students

Date of Event: 15 Jul
Location: Online
Aims: Join this event with well-known speakers and take away practical ways of linking the maths curriculum to careers.
1600 - 1800

Whilst studying the Core Maths course, a growing enthusiasm for the ways in which maths can be applied to situations met in work and life, coupled with a greater awareness of the potential demands of the next stage of their education leaves many of our students wanting more. Data has been described as ‘the new oil’ and Data Science is an exciting and rapidly growing area of work that has already made its way into a significant number of university courses across the country.

MEI has developed a free set of self-study resources to introduce Core Maths students to the wonders of Data Science. This is a series of lessons including videos and programming activities in Python (though no prior experience of coding is required). The lessons are designed to be studied as an optional course alongside Core Maths. In this session we will explore the resources and how they can be used with your students.

Tom Button is the MEI Mathematics Mathematics Technology Specialist and leading MEI’s work on the development of Data Science courses and materials for pre-university students.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @mathstechnology

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