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Falmouth School CSW Enterprise Day

Date of Event: 5 Jul
Location: Falmouth School
Suggested Age Range: Yr10 (14/15)
Aims: To help young people gain a great understanding of the world of work and employment. To promote and develop their skills and confidence.
Number of Students: 140 (each business volunteer will work with a small group).
8:30 - 3:30

Falmouth School are working with CSW Group to run an Enterprise Challenge for their Y10 students. Business Mentors are requested for all or part of the day to help support students in their enterprising activities and also judge entries.

The activity will be delivered to 140 students. In groups of aprox 4 or 5. This gives the students the opportunity to work alongside business professionals in the classroom, benefiting from their experiences both personally and professionally. Business Mentors will either stay with a small class of students (20 – 30) or rotate around all students.

The Enterprise activity is styled around the Apprentice challenge and culminates in prize giving at the end of the school day. These innovative days encourage students to develop a greater awareness of life after school. The Business mentors can be part of the whole day or just the morning session (9am – 12:40pm). They will be required to work with the students providing positive encouragement and guidance.