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Supporting Your School

As an Enterprise Adviser, it is sometimes difficult to know where to support the school you are matched with. Review the following resources to see if there are any there that can help you to help them.  Not all of them will be relvent to you or your context, or way of working, but they will provide you with more ideas.

Marketing toolkit for your role
3-Phase plan for an Education Roadmap

This is sent to careers leaders when they first start in role, but there are some great ‘quick wins’ in the document providing you with helpful ideas in preparation for a school visit.

Phase 1 – Building a relationship with your Enterprise Adviser and reviewing provision

Phase 2  – Developing your careers and enterprise plan

Phase 3 – Implementing your careers and enterprise plan

Schools and Colleges Leaflet

Provides schools and colleges with an overview of the impact that connecting young people to the workplace can have. It provides an overview of how the network works, why joining the network is right for them, what the CEC ambitions are and how they can get involved.



A Questionnaire – Digital Poverty / Digital Capital

As an Enterprise Adviser, you will know that Digital Poverty is a serious issue.  Inevitably, this is impacting more on those students who are disadvantaged socially or economically. This document provides you with a useful evaluation tool to try and work out some solutions:

  • Establishing what the challenges are and how you can help
  • How can you use your network to try and address any of the challenges?
  • Provides resources and further for you and for the school or college


Careers Leader and Enterprise Adviser Questioning and Influencing Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide you with some tips and techniques on how to position the Careers Programme and enable you to influence key decision-makers and stakeholders to gather support and keep moving forward. It will help you to:

  • Understand the context
  • Prepare for a meeting
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Explore options and risk
  • Action planning
A document providing employers with example activities for how to engage schools/colleges with employer encounters

It provides a description of the type of activity, ideas and an overview of the activity, and how to deliver the activity. For example, where it takes place and how long it can take.

A Working Together Certificate

The school may wish to celebrate their work with the Careers Hub and Careers and Enterprise Company. This certificate can be provided by you for them to display within their school.

An Excel template project plan

Provides suggested activities for key planning stages:

  • Pre activity planning
  • Resources
  • Marketing and resources
  • On the day logistics
  • Post events
A template for articulating specific careers activities needing support
  • The document provides a month by month plan
  • It enables the Careers Leader to focus on the objectives for the activity
  • It provides key details such as proposed dates, number of volunteers required, key stage of students and more


Supporting with Parental Engagement

This resource was published in 2017 but still has some very relevant and useful tips to discuss with your school.

The Moments of Choice research published by The Careers & Enterprise Company in collaboration with the Behavioural
Insights Team found that parents play a significant role in influencing young people about their career decisions.

This resource gives examples of how parents and guardians can be involved at this crucial time in their children’s lives.

Enterprise Adviser Roadmap

A 3-phase plan to support Enterprise Advisers in

  • Building a relationship and reviewing current provision
  • Establishing a careers and enterprise plan
  • Implementing the plan and evaluation provision