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The education landscape can be tricky to navigate as an employer with businesses and schools working to very different schedules. Within this page, you will find some useful news, blogs and downloads to help you navigate and better understand the education landscape to engage more effectively.

Use the interactive qualification chart provided by Next Steps SW.  The chart provides you with an overview of the different pathways (academic, vocational, and work-based) and educational levels. Click on the interactive icon on the top-right hand corner of the chart to open up a dialogue for each item on the chart.


We encourage Careers Leaders to share this resource with curriculum teaching staff for them to use to engage students in learning and where their subjects can take them. This is something our Enterprise Advisers can actively encourage.

The resources are designed to be easily used and applied by Curriculum subject staff through lessons, homework and/or extra-curricular sessions.

My Learning, My Future will include inspiration and resources for curriculum subject staff to:

  • Highlight the relevance of their subject to future careers and opportunities
  • Support students to understand pathways from each subject to future careers and opportunities
  • Highlight to students how they are developing essential skills in each subject
  • Embed careers in curriculum teaching and learning
  • Identify extra-curricular and employer engagement opportunities to enhance students engagement in subjects

The CEC will continue to add to these resources to support curriculum staff in highlighting the relevance f their subject to future careers and opportunities and to how they can set teaching and learning in the context of the world of work.

Below are links to resources by subject, which feature resources including:

  • ‘My Learning, My Future’ Teacher Inspiration Guide
  • ‘My Learning, My Future’ Student facing slide deck
  • ‘My Learning, My Future’ KS3 Homework Tasks
  • Subject-specific ‘Careers across the Curriculum’ Lesson Plans and Resources
‘As a teacher of Science it is fabulous to have a single resource which supports our curriculum area with careers education. The hyperlinks to the various sections of the document help us inspire students in a range of areas associated with science but also having all the links in one easy to locate place. This will make it really easy to incorporate careers into lessons without spending hours searching the internet for appropriate materials to use in the classroom. I particularly love the Royal Society of Biology presentation “Making a Difference by becoming a Biologist” – a perfect introduction to the relevance of the subject in school. Included in the sections are generic posters which can be displayed to specific links to individual careers with case studies from students. There are links to lesson plans on hundreds of topics. This is going to make such a difference for science teachers. and should become the ‘go to’ directory when planning lessons and a great resource to help bring real life science into the classroom.’
Philippa Hartley, Deputy Head Huntcliff School