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EA Meeting Notes 28th October 2021 – Network DROP IN

Thanks again for your continued support and here are the notes from the last Network Drop-in meeting.

As a reminder, we do not have a fixed agenda for the Network DROP-IN meetings. The meetings are for:

  • Open Discussion
  • Bring a challenge or question
  • Ask for inspiration
  • Share Experiences
  • General catch-up

Meetings are bi-monthly (EA Network Focus one month and EA Network Drop-In the month after).





We kicked off the meeting with the usual round-robin of introductions and invited EAs to comment on what is going well within their schools.

Welcome to our new EAs!


Curriculum focus within schools is a big plus within some schools. The My Learning My Future benchmark 4 resources are available on the CEC resources section and can be accessed HERE. We encourage all EAs to assess the benefits of these in relation to their own interests and specialisms (scroll down to find the 26 subjects and their associated resources).


This led to a wider discussion around supporting schools to build their networks. A request was made regarding what literature to use when contacting businesses in the locality of the school. The CEC has produced some resources for this and we will work towards meeting this request for the next meeting which will be hosted within the EA resources area on the website. There is also an employer area of resources on the CEC Website HERE.

There was discussion around a centralised excel sheet to capture contact details of local employers for schools. There is a dated one held with careers hub but we do need to encourage careers leaders to develop their own lists as much as possible and they can do this with Compass+.

ACTION for future meetings:

  • Find the right solution for shared contacts and Hub team to liaise with the CEC as they may well be looking at ways to improve this with their provider directory.
  • Resource for EA when engaging with local employers.


Internal communication methods between EAs – there is no clear resolution to this but LinkedIn would be a sensible option and we encourage EAs to provide their LinkedIn Profile to be hosted on our site.


Discussion on improving diversity and supporting large employers to improve the support available for all abilities. The Social Value Model is the means by which procurement teams can shift to “accounting for” rather than just “considering” social value during the tendering process. More information regarding this is HERE.

Discussion took place regarding a shift away from knowledge-specific to a skills-based approach with recruitment. BASE British Association for Supported Employment is a useful resource for employers. Following the publication of the government’s National Disability Strategy earlier this year, the group has launched a Disability Employment Charter as a clear mandate for action: outlining the steps government and employers must take to address the disadvantage disabled people experience in UK workplaces.

That’s all folks. For any comments or questions please contact your EC.

The date of the next meeting is Thursday 25th November 10 am to 11 am