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EA Meeting Notes 27 January 2022 – Network Focus

Thank you to those able to make it to our last EA Network Focus meeting.

Our focus for this meeting was careers guidance and year 11 options and pathways.



An introduction to careers guidance

Carrie provided the context and background to careers guidance (quite often referred to as IAG – Information Advice and Guidance). The full slides in relation to this can be accessed on the document link below.

The definition for Guidance from the OECD:

Services intended to assist people at any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational decisions and to manage their careers”

OECD (2004:19) Career Guidance and Public Policy: Bridging the Gap. Paris


We have a small Call to Action to you! 

Please explore our Benchmark 8 page on our website and:

  • Have a conversation with the Careers Adviser at your school/college
  • Share any ideas/feedback/challenges with us
Post 16 Educational Pathways

Thank you to Tim Moody, Truro and Penwith College who provided an overview of the offer to students leaving school. Please find the presentation in the file link below.

To supplement Tim’s slides we attach a more generic document about the different pathways students can take. They are typically grouped into three main pathways; academic, vocational and work-based. In each pathway there are all levels of qualification from entry level (pre-GCSE level) up to Higher Education (which is level 4 upwards).

This video provides an overview of the qualifications or just use the supporting document below.

Careerpilot have a good page that provides a little detail about the levels and different types of qualifications as well and can be accessed via the link.