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EA Hub Connect – March 2022

Our Team loved meeting many of our Enterprise Advisers in person at our EA Away-Day! After an opening from Oli de BottonCarrie Childs talked about Leadership and Cultural Change before moving to group discussions. A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved!

Careers Carousel

The carousel invited careers leaders to present key projects taking place in their schools or projects that are being planned. They presented the project to the EAs and then rotated around the room. Below are the notes from the session.

Rebs Wilson, Hayle Academy

Removing barriers – Mentoring Scheme

  • Challenge – Removing Barriers and supporting disadvantaged students to progress as at least 25% of students at Hayle are identified as disadvantaged and in some year groups this can fluctuate as high as 40%
  • Mentoring programme to link current year 10 students (aged 15) to alumni based on similar back grounds, starting small – 5 students
  • Mentors selected through the Careers Leaders longstanding relationships with ex-students.
  • Mentors selected as a result of high careers satisfaction (not earnings) and asked to meet half termly with students – 10 meetings in an 18 month period
  • Programme to Include ‘Tour of my Life’ showcasing where alumni studied, part time job and started working – hoping to support work experience
  • Phase 2 will involve consideration of how the programme can engage parents
  • Success Measures – an extension of the current achievement that ‘No student leaves without a plan’ in order to focus on reduced drop out rates and better medium to long term outcomes

Mel Mugford, St Ives School

Developing Leaders for the system – CREW Changemakers

  • Working in partnership with their Enterprise Adviser and developing employability skills such as communication, community engagement and leadership skills
  • CREW Project – Community Renewal Engagement Working Party
  • 10 students from mixed year groups (don’t know each other) are interviewed to take part in the 8 week programme for 1 hour after school each week
  • Students design their own merchandise, meet employers and community leaders, develop their own thoughts about what needs to change and have the opportunity to present to the Mayor and Towns Board

Becky Thorpe and Liam Lawer, Mount Charles Primary School

Careers as part of economic recovery

  • Planning was linked to Indices of deprivation for their catchment area and how that was impacting student aspirations and awareness (or lack of)
  • Built programme around LEARN Values (Learn, Engage, Aspire, Respect and Nurture)
  • Make use of SHAPE and STAR tools to help students develop good communication and engagement skills
  • Refreshed their World Book Day What we’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers – see 1 minute summary here, students came dressed as what they wanted to be in future and heard from speakers from the World of Work
  • Starting to use a quality Resource – Positive Futures – Primary – Positive Footprints and developing resource boxes ‘The People who help us box’
  • Found that World Book day build conversations between students and parents and hoping to build more parental engagement into programmes

Sarah Wheildon, Cornwall College

Supporting transitions

  • The Challenge – Careers offer based on self-referral meant that high needs students were missing out
  • Used funding to employ careers officers with a SEND specialism who would proactively meet with students and form links with parents and external organisations
  • The offer is individualised and looks different for each student
  • Desired Impact – Want to see students accessing the service, reduce course changes/drop outs in the first 6 weeks and support students in to sustained employment or further education
  • From a starting point of 16 students accessing support previously now all 200 high needs students based at the college have accessed the service at least once and 50% have returned for a second or third appt

Lucy Wooldridge, Careers Hub

Self-improving system

  • Project aimed to increase careers awareness in wider curriculum staff and increase student engagement in challenging curriculum topics through employer engagement activity
  • Working with organisation Forum Talent Potential
  • Make links with curriculum leaders in 3 schools
  • Establish what students struggle with in their particular curriculum subject
  • Work with an employer to deliver learning that helps students to see how this topic area is interesting and relevant to their future working lives
  • Examples of curriculum learning available here – Good Practice – Forum Talent Potential (

Session Scenarios

Scenario 1

A local employer from a food manufacturing company is invited into the school to deliver a ‘I love my job’ assembly. During their session they promoted a new apprenticeship at their organisation, but at one point they said:

“in my experience and field of work, GCSEs are not relevant to the job. GCSEs are not worth the paper they are written on”

The employer is no longer invited into the school.

 How can you support local employers to avoid this situation and get them to reframe their approach?

The Skillsbuilder framework on your table could help you

This is what you came up with:

  • Make sure you send a really clear briefing initially via email, then follow up again in person on the day
  • Manage expectations and make clear that you want for all those that it is possible, to achieve GCSEs
  • Careers Leaders are encouraged to build in this time for this conversation with the employer/employee and to foster a reciprocal relationship
  • You can use inclusive language, using skills language can really help
  • Students can prepare questions in advance to help the employer

Scenario 2

You are proud of the work you do with Schools and Colleges as part of your role as EA.  You have noticed that there is an Enterprise Adviser and Careers Leader within three of the local schools who are all managed by a single multi academy trust (MAT) yet, all three schools and their leaders are working in isolation.

What could be done to change this way of working? How do you see your role fitting into this?

The Connect – Building a Careers Community Across the Trust is on the table that might help.

This is what you came up with:

  • Coordinate communications via the Enterprise Coordinator
  • EAs and CLs to have regular and joint meetings to share best practice
  • Engagement with head of MAT governors and or head teachers
  • Ensure CASH are aware of the meetings
  • Establish an online platform that can be used across all schools to share resources, news and conversations i.e. Trello (or similar platform that can be used by all)

Scenario 3

Imagine you have been working as an EA for the for a year, but you have noticed that there is little knowledge or understanding about what you do from key stakeholders, for example:

  • Wider business community
  • Industry Leaders
  • Colleagues

What could you do to raise the profile of yourself as EA and the network?

This is what you came up with:

Ideas to raise the profile:

  • Promoting the role of the EA and the wider work of the Careers Hub internally during team meetings, email footer, utilising communication portal, newsletters and discussions with colleagues.
  • Networking events such as Your Partnerships, Chamber, FSB and online webinars with industry/peers have been extremely beneficial.
  • On a day to day basis in meetings with external businesses and contacts made virtually and in person.


Areas of improvement to help raise the profile:

  • The group were keen to increase the visibility of the Hub and their respective roles as EA’s to a wider audience. How could this be improved through – coordinated social media, events, case studies. Could an App be developed which is embedded amongst the various social platforms. A communication and marketing plan would help raise awareness of the amazing work taking place.
  • The introduction of the Skills Builder framework for employers would be welcomed by the EA’s. A type of ‘Investors in People’ for business with a Careers focus would provide a consistent structure to collectively work with.
  • Strategic thinking – Accountability of ‘social value’ in the awarding of contracts to business needs to be aligned with the wider local skills strategy. This would ensure business ‘actively’ engage in providing ‘career’ type opportunities for our future workforce.

Scenario  4

Imagine you have been working as an EA for 3 years and during that time you have supported lots of events and activities at the school. You have never had a meeting with the head teacher and the careers leader seems to be blocking access to that meeting.

What can you do and why should the careers leader be persuaded? How could you influence the Careers Leaders to organise a meeting?

What you came up with:

  1. Find out why the CL is blocking the meeting and see if there is a way to overcome this
  2. External organisations often visit schools to apply a judgement – you need to find a way to frame things positively
  3. Establish the right time – you might need to wait especially in view of Covid context
  4. You might need to find another way e.g. Careers Link Governor, MAT Board