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EA Meeting Notes 26th August 2021 – Network DROP IN

Thank you to those able to make it to our last EA Network Drop-in. We all appreciated the time and space to talk openly and had some really interesting and overwhelmingly positive discussions. For reference and those not able to make it, below are an overview of the discussions and any resulting actions.

As a reminder, we do not have a fixed agenda for the Network DROP-IN meetings. The meetings are for:

  • Open Discussion
  • Bring a challenge or question
  • Ask for inspiration
  • Share Experiences
  • General catch-up

Meetings are bi-monthly (EA Network Focus one month and EA Network Drop-In the month after) and the next meeting is on the 29th of July at 10 am for the Network Focus Meeting (Agenda below). Please do let us know if you need us to send you the invite again in case you didn’t save it into your diaries.

We welcomed new EA Stephen Grantham. Stephen is the Employment Opportunities Coach for Health Works Cornwall Provision, for Pluss and will be matched to a special school.  Welcome Stephen!

Rachel Walden, EA for Budehaven provided an update on the Employer Forum

Huge thanks to Rachel who attended the Employer forum delivered by the CEC on 25th August. The forum was a presentation on the business engagement strategy that aligns with the new overarching strategy that is being rolled out now.  Please do take the time to review the slides on the below link.

This opened a general discussion of what has been working well within schools and what can be improved upon. Some of the challenges highlighted were the resource and time provided to the Careers Leader was insufficient. But we all agreed a more top-down approach by engaging with the headteacher in the school should be a priority for Cornwall. This may be more challenging in some schools, especially where time and resource is limited.

An example of good practice was provided for one school that is launching a new initiative this October whereby the school have targeted four or five individuals to become Careers Ambassadors. This provides an excellent way to build the capacity of the Careers Leader and utilising people who have a passion for Careers.

Another useful resource for schools to consider is the Using Youth Social Action Toolkit

Ruth provided a quick overview of a new area on the website for EA resources as requested in a previous meeting. It is still a work in progress but do go and take a look. 

Another useful suggestion was that sector approaches could be considered more in terms of skills development rather than a sector drive. Many jobs and roles span many sectors and skills development is crucial for students to navigate their journey and transition into their next best step. The Skills Builder Framework is another useful tool we encourage schools to embed to help them to develop this in a strategic way.


New Memorandum of Understanding

We are now planning for the new academic year and are looking forward to working with you to build on the achievements of a challenging year. In order to ensure that there is clarity around how the personal data you have provided will be used, and to explain your responsibilities with regards to others’ data, we are issuing an updated version of our EA Memorandum of Understanding. Please could you review, sign and return this to your EC by 17th September.

Many thanks for your ongoing commitment, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.

Research Action for EAs (You)
  • Search and review your school’s vision or mission statement and values
  • Search for their latest Ofsted inspection framework
  • Does the school have an improvement plan?
  • If you have not seen it already, or if it is not published on their site, seek out the school’s Careers Strategy. A strategy, in theory, should be an internal document but there should be a policy and careers plan on the site.

If you feel comfortable, write down some notes and review these documents and their fitness for purpose. What improvements can be made? Please aim to prepare this for discussion with your EC at your next meeting.


Below is a link to the Gatsby Benchmark 1 page on our site. This provides everything a school can consider when implementing a strategy. Please also utilise the resources in the Enterprise Adviser Resources area.


Some EAs have provided some leaflets and brochures about their organisation and these are provided below for your reference.

Thank you!

The date of the next meeting is 30th September, 10 am.