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Compass+ has superseded Compass and Tracker and is the CEC’s central evaluation tool that Enterprise Coordinators and Enterprise Advisers should encourage all schools to use. Compass provides schools with a centralised digital tool to evaluate their careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks. This page provides you with some information about the evaluation tool questions that are asked, useful videos, documents and FAQs.

The Compass evaluation is one form of impact measurement that helps to identify progress and gaps in careers provision, which is valuable for engaging colleagues and making improvements. However, stakeholder feedback and mapping progress against your school/college career strategy’s aims and objectives delve deeper and further. Utilise the resources on our evaluation toolkit and surveys page below.

Compass+ Key messages slide deck

Find out more about Compass+

With the free Compass+ tool schools can benchmark, manage, track and report on their school’s careers provision at the individual student levelOnce populated with student data, Compass+ provides features that assist a school to do the following:

  • Assess their school’s careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Track individual students’ careers interests and intended destinations (what they plan to do after leaving school)
  • Track individual students’ actual destinations (what they do for 3 years after leaving the school)
  • Plan and track careers activities for individual students
  • Input and store details of third-party organisations and contacts that can support their school with careers provision
  • Download key information into reports, for the following purposes:
    • For analysis and reporting within their school
    • To provide data to local authorities to support them in their statutory duty to record the intended destinations of 16-year olds
    • To provide systematic records to each student of the individual advice given to them as recommended in the Gatsby Benchmarks.