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EA Meeting Notes 26 May 2022 – Network Focus

This EA Network Focus meeting focused on how to engage with the Careers Governors, providing some inside knowledge and tips. We also had a group discussion and shared an insight into the nuts and bolts of organising work experience in schools and colleges.

EAs present at the meeting:

Penny Morgan (New), Bid Project Manager for Equiniti

Sam Lilley, Early Career and Outreach Adviser at SeaSalt

Andrew  Wallis, Apprenticeship Manager for Parsimmon homes

Claire Trice,   Outsourced Credit Control Services, CTCC Solutions Ltd, Director and Founder.

Chris Baish (Standing for Dave Wickes) Director of Sustainable Futures for Cornwall Marine Network

Jeremy Sneller, from Touchbyte 

Owen Hazell, Business Manager for Babcock International Group

The Role of Career Governors in Schools:

Carrie Childs (Hub Lead) introduced the topic and encouraged group discussion by asking delegates:

  • Do you know who is the Career Governor for your matched school?
  • have you met your Governor?

The discussion highlighted the need for our ECs to arrange introductions and share info.


Work Experience:

Carrie and Lucy explained the logistical challenges of organising work experience for in-person and virtual experiences.

Penny asked about Virtual work experience and Ruth answered the question by explaining the  S4S model.

Owen explained the blended approach to WEx adopted by Babcock.

Chris Supported the blended approach – tasks away from the workplace to be complemented by a visit to the business.

Carrie highlighted that the approach to WEx should be in line with the changes in the labour market (e.g. increase in remote working).

Jermy shared an example of a Live/Face to Face- request to help with a specific pupil. The business really appreciates the fact that the request came directly from the Head Teacher.

The disparity in opportunities was discussed.

Claire shared her personal experience as a parent.