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EA Meeting Notes 24 February 2021

Thanks for attending the meeting. Below are some the action points raised during the meeting as well as the EC notes from the breakout rooms. If you were not able to attend, hopefully this will provide you with a little detail and we hope to see you next time.

We’d like to say a big thanks to Rachael Woodhead for her very useful overview of VWEX. It is useful to get the employer’s insights and some of which were highlighted within the evaluation report provided by Sarah Hathaway. We have also collated the student feedback and both documents are below for your further information.

There are 10 key recommendations from the evaluation, the key ones that stand out to me include:

  • Students need help to prepare for placements
  • Businesses also need help developing a universal approach
  • Evaluation methods need to be improved
  • Need to gather collateral now to build momentum in future
  • Teachers need better access to back end of platform

Thank you to Vicki and Gemma from Glossmedia who presented the collaboration with Nancealverne that sparked their last project: Home Page – Cornwall Council Intranet (  A further document below regarding the participant journey.

Carrie provided an overview of the FE White paper and its importance for Careers. A useful summary document is also below.

Breakout room 2 – Lucy’s notes

How have things been..

  • Some EAs have found communication with CLs hard in lockdown with big projects on hold
  • Others have had events planned and cancelled a number of times. Most EAs who are involved in delivery aspects with the schools have been able to adapt for remote delivery, just trying to do the best to provide some content to support students.
  • EAs supporting strategically has gone well and progress during lockdown has been good.

Careers in the curriculum..

  • Creating a ‘buzz’ within core subjects was felt strongly to be central to careers in lesson work.
  • Creating opportunities to re-frame a topic in a different and real-life context would be really beneficial for students struggling to connect with a subject.
  • Having opportunity to talk to students about how different subjects had been beneficial in developing skills beyond the immediately obvious was something EAs felt they’d like to get involved with.
  • Creating opportunities to explore with students the range of practical applications within a subject typically regarded as theoretical or abstract would be beneficial to students.
Breakout Room 3 – Ruth’s notes
  • Careers are being side-lined with little capacity for anything else.
  • Virtual the new way of working
  • there’s a big opportunity which provides some hope.
  • Suggestions of embedding careers messages through the homework system which has worked well at Humphry Davy.
  • As an example of the benefits from organisation perspective; delivery of mass staff training with really positive feedback and the preferred method since lockdown by both employer and employees.
  • The calibre of speakers have increased due to the fact they are no longer required to travel long distances or to take up a huge amount of time
  • Mindful of screen fatigue – even with the most engaging content there’s only so much an individual can engage with online

BM4 discussion

  • We didn’t get very far with this but Martin mentioned how surprised he was at how little teachers are aware of labour market information during a speed networking event at school.
  • There was a discussion / or question about whether it should only highlight English, Maths and Science for example, languages are key to many sectors. In response, I did say that at the moment Gatsby only measure against key skills as opposed to wider subjects. Some examples of resources:
  • We/I talked about the need to develop their contacts so that it is whole school approach.

News item to FE White paper:

Breakout room 4 – Frankie’s notes
  • EAs observed how some schools switched to basics over the past few months whilst others kept “open for business” in regard to career education. It was stated how some CLs have very limited amount of time/resource to dedicate to the role of CL whilst others seems to have much more. (min 1 hour/week-max few days/week). Overall everyone showed understanding about teachers/schools challenges- some said they only realised this when joining the EA network (pre covid).
  • Truro College, Access Cornwall, CITB and MIDAS where all represented by EAs, so the focus on this topic was polarised on the relevance of key skills to enter technical opportunities in these sectors and how not having these key skills covered in school/college can make things time consuming for organisations hosting apprenticeships. D.B. linked financial services to relevance of Maths Skills- finally it was observed how the labour market is quickly changing and young people starting in a sector will be likely to move in different areas of work throughout their working lives. There is share view that stressing on this point is important to make pupils/staff aware that just because they focus on one area (e.g. humanistic subjects)  they shouldn’t completely ignore other subjects and keep an open mind to keep doors open to future opportunities.
  • There was little appetite for training within the group. Keen to network, have peer support, use network to promote own offer/spot opportunities – appetite for face to face live events small or big such as skills show.

The date for the next meeting:

28th April 2020 10:00 – 11:15

Calendar invitation to follow!