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Y11 or Y13 Leavers Survey

Suggested Age Range: 16 - 18
Hours to Prepare & Review: 1
Type of Activity: Evaluation

Evaluating careers related activity is essential to helping develop future career plans, this case study highlights two quick examples for Y11 or Y13 students. is an 11-18 school on the East Cornwall border with Devon and has developed two simple questionnaires that all students in Y11 and Y13 are requested to carry out. These questionnaires form the basis of the evaluation that the Careers Leader carries out each year and helps to influence decisions and plans for future years.

The two questionnaires, which are available to download below, are currently in paper format. It may be worth considering to host these questionnaires on Google Docs, or Survey Monkey to reduce the amount of time required to input the answers and analyse the results.

Student evaluation