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Using Career Pilot to Support Guidance Interviews

Suggested Age Range: 14 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 1
Type of Activity: Digital Support

Careerpilot can be used to support the personal guidance process, here’s how:

• Before the guidance session: Give students time to explore and prepare using their age appropriate activities

• In the guidance session it is possible to use the individual reports in the reporting zone to establish existing interests.

• Career guidance professionals can use the skills map, starting with a subject or job quiz to find out more about the clients experiences and interests, bookmarking pages they can go back to explore later.

• After the guidance session it is possible to record the report and actions in the reporting zone and they will be visible to the students and other schools staff.

An example of how this would look for a student logging into their account is shown below.

For more information email Jackie Hatton: