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Tomorrow’s Engineers (Science)

Suggested Age Range: 11 - 14
Hours to Prepare & Review: 2 - 5
Type of Activity: Curriculum Linked Learning, LMI, Employer Encounter

Tomorrow’s Engineers is a programme that promotes the vital role of engineers and engineering to society through coordinated schools outreach and careers inspiration activities. Led by EngineeringUK and the engineering community, their aims are:

• everyone between 11 and 14 to have at least one engineering experience with an employer

• equal numbers of girls and boys to aspire to become engineers.

Tomorrow’s Engineers have designed careers resources for students between 11 and 14 that support the national curriculum, cover regional variations and promote the range of routes into engineering. A school in Suffolk is working on a STEM-related project, which gives students hands-on experience in the real world as part of the curriculum. The impact on girls is especially notable, with 45% reporting they know a lot about engineering, compared to 16% in the UK overall.

Links to supporting pages and downloads are below.