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Speed Networking (Careers Carousel)

Suggested Age Range: 13 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 5
Type of Activity: Multiple Employer Talks

This activity offers a great opportunity for students to find out about a wide range of businesses and sectors in a short space of time and also enables them to do their own research about the businesses who are coming in to speak with them. Ultimately with the aim to increase awareness and aspirations of the students involved.

For more details please download the case study below:

Speed Networking is a high impact activity that engages multiple businesses and enables every student in a year group to speak to a wide range of businesses.

The format of the day includes an introduction to what networking is and time for students to research the businesses and speakers that are participating in the event. Encouraging students to think up questions about career paths, sector development the range of jobs involved within each organisation.

This type of activity tends to work best for schools with smaller year groups due to spacing, timings and business engagement required, but has been carried out with up to 220 students in the past.

Please download the full case study and resources below: