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Inclusive Work Experience Programme

Suggested Age Range: 14-16
Hours to Prepare & Review: Varies
Type of Activity: Work Experience

Nancealverne School is a specialist provision school in Penzance. They have approximately 80 students from the age of 3 to 19 with a range of SEN and disabilities.

For some students the option of work experience is a challenge however their careers leader works hard every year to ensure every student has the opportunity to have a placement which is relevant to their interests and abilities.

In addition to external workplaces the school has set up 3 internal businesses for which the students have to apply and be interviewed to work in.

The School bank runs weekly with a range of jobs that students can apply for.

Tuck Shop also runs weekly and students are responsible for serving, taking money, and working out profit and shopping for items to re-stock.

The 6th Form also runs a weekly Sandwich Business making staff lunches – where they calculate profit/loss and record all on a spreadsheet as well as shopping for items and budgeting etc.

All of the activities are linked to maths lessons to enhance students learning and link it to the work place.