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Mock Interviews

Suggested Age Range: 15 - 18
Hours to Prepare & Review: 5
Type of Activity: Employer Interviews

A number of local schools have run mock interview days with their Y11 students. This offers a fantastic opportunity for students to have a realistic job interview with business people. At Pool Academy mock interviews have run for a number of years and engages with approximately 20 local businesses. Every Y11 student has a 15 minute interview and will receive feedback on their interview.

Schools run the mock interview days in a number of different ways. Some try to match students to areas of interest whilst others match students randomly to employers. One recent example has come from Penryn College where students need to interview to be added to the books of a new job agency that has been set up in the local area. This gives students the opportunity to speak more generally about their strengths and skills.

Preparation is key to the success of the mock interview activity. Students should prepare CV’s and supporting statements in advance of the interviews and be taught about how to carry out a successful interview through assemblies or tutor time, possibly using examples from YouTube or through role play prior to the day.

Case studies for all of these are below and can be downloaded.