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Mid Cornwall Careers Network

Suggested Age Range: 13 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 10
Type of Activity: Workshops

St Austell’s four secondary schools are collaborating on a series of evening events that have a particular career interest connected to the ‘smart specialisation’ sectors that have been identified (by CIoS LEP) as growth sectors for Cornwall

Four St Austell Schools (Penrice Academy, Poltair School, The Roseland Academy and Brannel School) worked not only in partnership with each other but also sought advice from other partners including Cornwall Education Business Partnership, Next Steps Cornwall (Higher Education Outreach), The Careers Hub, Cornwall Chamber and STEM Ambassadors. This is the first time that we have seen a school led careers collaboration on this scale.


The Employer Engagement activities will run over 4 evenings and involve more than 50 business representatives leading talks or running activities for 250 young people and their families . Each Event opened with a keynote speech to provide an insight into the future opportunities in each growth sector better preparing them for Cornwall’s future labour market.  Students will then have an opportunity to select two twenty-minute interactive ‘have a go’ workshops run by employers and universities.


The events fulfil at least 4 of the Gatsby Foundation’s Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance:


2 – Learning from career and labour market information

5 – Encounters with employers and employees

4 – Linking curriculum to careers

7 – Encounters with further and higher education


Also being in-line with at least 5 of the 10 strands from the Cornwall Careers Offer:


7 – Sector-led approaches in smart specialisation and bedrock industries

8 – Formation and development of careers clusters across Cornwall

4 – Every secondary school should have up-to-date Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) readily accessible and up to date information on the full range of education and training pathways embedded in delivery

3 – Every young person up to the age of 25 should have access to impartial, independent and personalised careers education, information advice and face-to face guidance in their local community

2 – Every young person should have completed at least 100 hours of work related learning by the age of 16


Why collaborate?


1.       Uniquely school led collaboration supported by employer and wider organisations

2.       Pioneering showcase of Cornwall’s smart specialisation industries

3.       Strongly inline of the most up to date standards of local and national good practice

4.       The chance to break down barriers between schools

5.       An opportunity for both parents and students to understand the labour market and future skill requirements in Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

6.       large scale support from the Cornish Business Community