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Embedded Careers and Labour Market Information

Suggested Age Range: 11 - 18
Hours to Prepare & Review: Ongoing
Type of Activity: Careers and LMI, Advice and Guidance

Ofsted recently praised an outstanding central London school for the fact that its “students receive excellent advice about their career options, training and employment opportunities from year 7 onwards.”

The school makes good use of branding to raise the profile of post-16 progression and support. Students are encouraged to think about the behaviours and skills that help them to open the “DOOR” – Dedicated, Organised, Opportunities and Resilient – to their careers.

A comprehensive school careers website includes success stories from former students and provides access to a range of resources to help choices at key points of transition. The school has a Unifrog licence, which enables them to support exploration of higher education and apprenticeships. The annual report to governors noted an increase from 6% to 20% in the number of students accessing apprenticeships.

Communication of the provision is a strength and the school sends out a detailed monthly bulletin to students and families. The school also issues a parents’ handbook in year 7 to explain their careers offer. The head of employer engagement is making plans to improve the physical careers space at the school, has visited other schools and colleges to develop her ideas. The school has excellent links with the employer community and its students have access to a wide range of employer encounters.