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Preparing Ourselves for the World of Work Day

Suggested Age Range: 13 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 10
Type of Activity: Enterprise Activity, Employer Talk

Wadebridge School ran the first World of Work Day for their Year 9’s.  The students worked in pre-selected teams of ten.

The student brief was:


“You have been asked by a well-known supermarket chain to design a new pizza and develop a marketing campaign for it to be launched on the market.”


Teams were required to:


  • Decide who the target market is (value, mid-range, luxury)
  • Decide on their ingredients
  • Come up with a suitable brand name and logo
  • Make a proto type of their packaging
  • Assess the environmental impact of their pizza
  • Develop an advertising strategy
  • Complete a finance sheet
  • Create and record a 2-minute pitch to sell the product, which was assessed by the buying group (business specialists) at the end of the day.

For more details about the timetable of the day, feedback and the businesses who were involved please download the case study below: