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Opportunities Cornwall Careers

Suggested Age Range: 13 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 15
Type of Activity: Employer Engagement

The purpose of this event is to make Year 10 students aware of the fantastic range of career opportunities on their doorstep in Cornwall.

Students attended nine 30-minute long ‘interactive’ sessions hosted by local business people, learning more about each sector and the range of possible employment opportunities available to them within each key area of industry.

Representatives from key sectors spoke to and engaged with students about the opportunities that are available to them – all within the county. The sessions covered the following sectors:  Creative, Energy, Agri-food, Tourism, Marine, Mining, E-health, Construction and Manufacturing.

Student feedback was very positive, with many noting how the event has helped to broaden their understanding of the careers opportunities that exist within Cornwall.

82% reported it made them aware of industries they didn’t even know existed in Cornwall.

91% said it made them realise it is possible to have a well-paid career without leaving Cornwall.

A short video of the day has been produced, featuring several of the business representatives and also a number of students. You can view the video here.