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Careers in the Curriculum

Suggested Age Range: 13 - 16
Hours to Prepare & Review: 10
Type of Activity: Careers In The Curriculum I Employer Encounter

Helston Community College English teachers have used a careers stimulus for a piece of non-fiction writing. The students had a presentation in an assembly from the community link from BAM (who are constructing the new build) about the future of construction and had a demonstration using a robot, to illustrate developments in automation in the industry. They also had a short presentation from the project manager about the timescale of the new build and how they are managing the internal works.

In English lessons, the students then had access to photos (aerial mainly) of the progress of the new build and a video made using a drone of the progress of the internal works (students are not allowed on site yet) and they are using this to create a piece of non-fiction writing in their lessons. The best pieces of work from each class will be selected and used to create a display in the new build.

This type of activity could be mimicked by linking with a local company close to a school, with students creating a press release or piece of non-fiction writing regarding the information given by the business.