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Careers Education within the Curriculum: Enhancing Learning

Type of Activity: Teacher CPD

A teacher CPD (continuing professional development) event that addressed careers in the curriculum. In the room were teachers from five different schools.

The Careers Leader at Hayle Academy requested support at the Truro and Penwith Multi Academy Trust INSET on 3rd January 2023. Embedding careers into the curriculum is a crucial objective for the Careers Strategy for all five schools in the Trust.

It has been identified that career education is a gap for many teachers with the competing demands of the national curriculum. But Careers are the golden thread and are evidenced to improve motivation and achievement for young people. Why teach anything without an end goal? Equally, employers have often informed us at the Hub that they wish to have an audience with Teachers and would like to help them embed careers into their lesson planning.

The 45-minute workshop was a starting point to work towards re-written lesson plans for delivery in the next academic year. 18 teachers were matched with 11 employers to start the conversations with critical questions such as; what are the sticking points in the curriculum that could be brought to life? Can their complex concepts be explained with real-life examples from local Cornish organisations? And what skills are the students lacking when they arrive at the job interview or the first day of their jobs?

The teachers opted into the workshop to find out how they could embed careers. The teachers and the volunteers each had the opportunity to provide their perspectives. 


Recent research shows that:

  • Classroom teachers are less likely than senior teachers to make links to careers.
  • Parents and teachers are very influential in a young person’s career decision-making (parents/family/friends more than teachers but the stats change when young people are older).
  • Young people need to gain knowledge and confidence in their career decision-making.
  • Careers in the curriculum improve motivation and attainment.
  • Careers education benefits all students and particularly students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Research taken from: here and here

After a short introduction, the teachers and volunteers were given time to discuss challenges in the curriculum. They were given the teacher worksheet to help to shape conversations using the Step 1 process (adapted from resources on the Forum Talent Potential website).

Stage one – developing ideas, identifying challenges, exchanging contacts

Stage two – shaping a purposeful challenge via an internal staff meeting

Stage three – forming a basis for partnership working. 

(Stage 2 and 3 are for future events.)

The session was the first stage in the journey allowing everyone to gain insights, develop ideas and establish new contacts. The real work begins after today in the subsequent stage planning phases. 

Ruth suggested the following timeline and the Hub will support teachers and employers at every stage in the journey.


A host of resources were provided at the event, with the Careers Hub’s most valued toolkits helping teachers embed careers across the entire school. 

If you are a school and would like to follow a similar process, please contact Ruth, Lucy or Frankie who will help to facilitate the events.