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Business and Teacher Networking Tea

Suggested Age Range: Teachers
Hours to Prepare & Review: 2
Type of Activity: Networking, CPD

To help work towards Benchmark 4 (linking curriculum to careers) and to increase teacher’s awareness of opportunities locally, Redruth School held their first business and teacher networking event.


3:30 – 4:00 Staff are briefed on the Gatsby Benchmarks and the objectives of the networking tea by the Careers Lead and Enterprise Coordinator or Enterprise Adviser.

3:40 – 3:50 Businesses set up in the hall

3:50 – 4:00 Businesses are briefed about the objectives for the networking event with a particular focus on Benchmark 4, linking curriculum to careers.

4:00 – 5:00 Staff are split amongst the businesses in attendance and have 10 minutes with 6 businesses. Staff should be split so that different people from the same department will see the full range of businesses and can feedback and action plan the following day.


The next day staff from the school had already started contacting businesses about engaging them within their curriculum. More importantly a number of staff at the school were not aware of some of the opportunities locally. Raising the awareness means that they will be confident in disseminating this information to their tutor groups and students, no matter what subject they teach.


Rob Kellow, RG Kellow Construction Managing Director and Enterprise Adviser, ‘Thoroughly enjoyed engaging with teachers and support staff at Redruth School’s inaugural employer speed networking event. Everyone I spoke with felt the event was a real success, which I would completely agree with. Some great connections were made and awareness was raised about our sector and opportunities within Cornwall and Scilly.’

Beth Haslam, Careers Leader at Redruth School said, ‘This event has been excellent, even better than I expected. It has raised awareness of the opportunities around and will lead to more collaborative work between Redruth School staff and the local businesses.’

Factors to consider

A better alternative to this would be an inset day morning, giving staff the opportunity to share information within their subject areas and make action plans of how to achieve BM4 in the afternoon.

One piece of feedback suggested that staff should be provided with a booklet of information about each business in attendance. This would be useful to further enhance the event.

Enterprise Coordinators should be part of the team that brief all staff. Ideally this would be the head teacher, or SLT member and the Enterprise Coordinator.