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A Whole School Approach – Mounts Bay Academy

Suggested Age Range: 11 - 18
Hours to Prepare & Review: 40 per year shared by a large number of staff
Type of Activity: Whole School Project Weeks

Mounts Bay Academy has taken a whole school approach to careers, by using three weeks a year to run ‘Project Weeks’ each term that links curriculum to careers in an innovative, engaging way and requires the support of the whole school.

Mounts Bay Academy’s Project Weeks cover three weeks of their calendar year where the timetable is collapsed and students take part in a range of activities designed by each year team and have careers underpinning each week.

In order for this to be successful it has to be directed and led by SLT to ensure teacher engagement.

The project weeks have an air of excitement and individuality. Student evaluation is very positive and it is also effective at developing a range of personal development skills.

An example of a project week can be downloaded below. This week had a sustainability theme. Within these weeks they are able to ensure all year groups have access to a range of employers using a diverse range of delivery methods, and the timetable offers the flexibility to plan for these.