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Careers Website

The careers section on your website is its window to the world, including for employers and Ofsted. You can encourage more employers to take part in your careers programme through your website. You can also give Ofsted comfort in your careers provision by having all required information on the website but also additional information to support the Gatsby benchmarks and stakeholders.

For your Compass evaluation your school’s website should have information aimed specifically at: students, teachers, parents and employers


School careers statutory guidance states your school website MUST:

  • publish the name and contact details of the Careers Leader on your website
  • publish a summary of your careers programme that can accessed by students, parents, teachers and employers
  • It is not recommended that your full Careers Strategy document is published as this will have a lot of information that is not relevant to the target audiences.


The summary should include at least the following:

  • Delivery of independent careers guidance
  • How the school is working towards achieving the eight Gatsby benchmarks
  • Aim, objectives and activities provided for each year group
  • publish how it measures the impact of the careers programme
  • publish the school’s next review date of the careers information
  • publish a Provider Access Statement (Baker clause), setting out the arrangements for training and education providers to access ALL students to ensure they have an opportunity to learn about approved technical qualifications or apprenticeships.